Affiliate Materials

Affiliate Materials

The ThesaurusGizmo Affiliate Program Aims to Provide A High Quality, Evergreen Offer.

We manually approve affiliates.

There are a few ground rules to keep it fair:

1. No negative advertising – We will cancel affiliates who create posts and searches like ‘Is ThesaurusGizmo a scam’ with affiliate links.

2. No Spam – We encourage repeat mailings to opt-in lists with the sequence of 3 to 5 emails show below for best results…

But please do not SPAM the offer or we will cancel affiliate relationship.

3. Keep it reasonably classy – We encourage innovative marketing to reach all the people who use a thesaurus on a PC (and soon ready for MAC).

There is a large and evergreen market. Keep the promotions of reasonable quality – There are plenty of materials here and within the software itself to create high quality promotions. I encourage you to get the software and use it yourself to see that you can use it to make more money from this product and all of the products you promote – Either your own or as an affiliate.

4. Go for #1! Help ThesaurusGizmo become the #1 Thesaurus on the Internet. We will offer team collaboration and custom materials for best results if requested and seek to pay our affiliates as generously as possible for pulling off a major marketing attack on the top thesaurus sites.

Make it happen today and don’t hesitate to work with other affiliates to share ideas – 2 brains is 4x better than 1 and there is a huge global market to reach as ThesaurusGizmo is multi-lingual.

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Email & Blog Swipe Files:
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Email 1:

Subject: How To Master Writing


Blogging, self-publishing and marketing are highly competitive fields today.

Did you know there are over 2.5 million new blog posts per day and 10’s of thousands of new books being published on Kindle every month?

Creating original work that provides value to readers is only half the battle…

Coming up with persuasive sales materials and promoting it online is also a major challenge.

Well, now there’s a great new tool for your writing kit that helps with all of these tasks…

A lot!

It’s called ThesaurusGizmo!

Thesaurus Gizmo is the fastest thesaurus ever created and can be used offline.

See the ridiculously fast offline thesaurus now >> <youraffiliate link here>

It delivers synonyms and related words up to 500x faster than other thesauruses.

It is a great way to find the right words and even brainstorm for new ideas such as blog post titles, book titles and more.

One of the most famous advertising gurus of all time, David Ogilvy said:

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money.”

In addition to creating a great piece of written work, you also need a very compelling title and intro to grab attention on the shelves (or on the webpages).

For a limited time, in addition to ThesaurusGizmo, you can get HeadlineGizmo included…

This little bit of software allows you to generate hundreds of variations of titles for produces and the headlines to sell them.

If you think this sounds tedious, consider that it may be a very, very good use of time, accounting for up to 90% of the sales you make.

Check it out now while the HeadlineGizmo is included in the offer:

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P.S. One of the best parts about this software is it is not a system hog.

You can barely notice it in the background.

Whenever you need words Just tab over to it and viola!


Email 2:

Subject: The Untapped Gold Mine Of Web Content That Virtually No One Knows About

At some point in your life you probably looked for synonyms in a printed thesaurus wordbook you could leaf through.

Then, as computers became popular you started to use a built in thesaurus in your writing software (that was mediocre) or an internet website (that is so-so).

The next evolution is here: It’s called ThesaurusGizmo!

Thesaurus Gizmo is a lightning speed thesaurus you can use offline on your computer’s desktop.

It can be up to 500x faster than other thesauruses and find 10 times more words for each lookup.

In fact, you can look up 10 words at a time.

Thesaurus is from the Greek Word For Treasure

As an online publisher and marketer of your ideas, words are your treasure.

The right words in the right combinations can lead you to the fortune you are seeking…

And this tool is simply a must have addition to your toolkit.

<youraffiliate link here>

ThesaurusGizmo not only helps you find synonyms when you need the right word but it is also a fantastic way to get over writer’s block.

Just keying in up to 10 words on your topic will give you a rich abundance of ideas to work from.

In fact, I’ll bet that within a few days of using this product, you’ll find that you can generate a year’s worth of great new blog post ideas on a variety of topics related to your niche.

There’s a lot more this tool can help you with, such as finding the best keywords for marketing (PPC, SEO, Video optimization etc…)

That extra 2 minutes spent with this software could allow you to tap the goldmines that others have overlooked.

For a limited time when you order you can also get access to the HeadlineGizmo add-on.

This Gizmo allows you to inject your own ideas into the most successful titles, headlines and concepts of all time and use them to profit.

Hurry up and check it out now while HeadlineGizmo is included!

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Email 3:

Multiply Your Sales on the Web With ThesaurusGizmo

As an online vendor, words are what you use to sell your ideas.

Whether it is writing blog posts, finding keywords to use or creating catchy titles and headlines…

It always helps to have the best selection of words at your fingertips.

This new tool blows the lid off the other thesauruses and will probably be something you want always open on your desktop.

<youraffiliate link here>

ThesaurusGizmo provides a major speed advantage for writing – You can use it to create products and produce all sorts of sales materials.

In addition, for a limited time, there HeadlineGizmo is included.

This helps you with the most critical aspect of marketing, the title & headline.

Some elite marketers estimate that up to 90% of the success of your work depends on the concept.

ThesaurusGizmo lets you model success and sift down the options to find a winner.

It’s worth your time. Check it out.

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Email 4:

Title: Average is Over! Controversial Next-Gen Artificial Intelligence


If You Are Not Going For Elite Tactics for Promotion of Your Written Work You Might Not Succeed In The Battlefield of Ideas…

Average is Over!

In a recent new your Times article “The Pentagon’s ‘Terminator Conundrum’: Robots That Could Kill on Their Own” the concept of computer assisted work shows how software can give unprecedented advantages

“In his 2013 book, “Average Is Over,” Tyler Cowen briefly mentioned how two average human chess players, working with three regular computers, were able to beat both human chess champions and chess-playing supercomputers.

It was a revelation for Mr. Work. You could “use the tactical ingenuity of the computer to improve the strategic ingenuity of the human,” he said.

Mr. Work believes a lesson learned in chess can be applied to the battlefield, and he envisions a military supercharged by artificial intelligence. Brilliant computers would transform ordinary commanders into master tacticians. American soldiers would effectively become superhuman, fighting alongside — or even inside — robots.”

NYTimes 10-26-2016

“Of the $18 billion the Pentagon is spending on new technologies, $3 billion has been set aside specifically for “human-machine combat teaming” over the next five years. It is a relatively small sum by Pentagon standards — its annual budget is more than $500 billion — but still a significant bet on technologies and a strategic concept that have yet to be proved in battle.” NY Times

Why is the Pentagon spending billions on AI technology?

Because teams of human paired with computers can beat the competition on the battlefield.

Do you think this technology might be applicable to writing and advertising?

You betcha!

And that’s what ThesaurusGizmo helps you do – On the battlefield of written ideas.

ThesaurusGizmo combined with HeadlineGizmo gives you the high powered scopes and guidance technology to nail the headline perfectly.

When you use HeadlineGizmo with a team member, you are getting the advantages from the entire 20th century of advertising genius combined with the next-gen AI weapons concepts and human-team/computer pairing.

Check it out!



P.S. If you know anyone who makes their income from writing who might want to use next-gen AI hypersonic super-weapons concepts applied to writing and marketing for tactical advantages, you might want to forward them this email.

This technology is in it’s infancy but will probably become a real factor in the next 3 to 10 yrs.

For the best advantage learn about it now and make your decision whether you will use it.



Blog Post #1:

Title:  The Ultimate Deal On Quality Blog Content


As a blogger I always have to come up with new and original ideas.

I recently found a tool that blows the lid off of other idea finding tools for speed and usability.

It’s called ThesaurusGizmo.

What it does is it taps the existing thesaurus on your Windows PC in Word and juices it up.

Really, it is probably what you always wanted if you ever looked for synonyms in Microsoft Word.

This thesaurus allows you to search for up to 10 words at a time and each one returns up to 10x or more the results.

Here is a screenshot:

ThesaurusGizmo Ultra Fast Thesaurus


It just so happens to work in foreign languages too!

That means, if you have French and Spanish installed like most N. American PC’s do, you can get an instant multi-lingual thesaurus.

For ESL writers, this is an unbeatable addition to your writing toolkit and you can lookup words to see them in context.

It has some other features – You can see the little buttons at the top of the columns.

These will help you sort for length, A-Z / Z-A and even select all.

Wether you are developing blog posts, trying to find great keywords with less competition for WordPress blog post tagging, YouTube videos or even PPC…

This little software packs a lightning bolt!

There is a lot more to it than meets the eye – And one of the best parts is it can be used offline and it is not a system hog (the total file is currently under 10 megs and runs in the background without taking up any noticeable RAM)

I highly recommend you check it out now:

Aside from yourself you might want your freelancer writer to use it for better quality and efficiency.

With the HeadlineGizmo add-on, it makes creating a quality title a whole lot easier – Even an ESL writer can probably manage a dozen or so blog posts that have compelling titles for click-through with it.

With the built in multi-lingual features, it is practically guaranteed to produce better content any time you outsource.

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<your name here>

P.S. As of the time of writing this, HeadlineGizmo membership is also included.

This add-on will help you to use samples of the most successful blog posts and generate variants, then sift them down to the best ones.

You can literally generate a month or even a year’s worth of good blog post titles with this.

It is not an article spinner though – You have to write the content.

But it does give the best speed advantage possible for producing quality content.

I rate it (Your Rating Here)

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<your name here>

Blog Post #2:

Title: 3 Ways To Make Blogging Exceptionally Fun With The Best Thesaurus of All Time

Alternate Titles:

Fill Your Blogging Editorial Calendar for a Year in 1 Day
The Best Blogging Keyword Research Helper
Unlimited Blogging Prompts & Blog Post Ideas


If you’ve ever had blogger’s block (the new-age version of writer’s block) you may have sat looking at the keyboard or browsing sites for ideas.

Here’s a new tool that could make bloggin fun again – In a number of ways!

It’s called ThesaurusGizmo!

Thesaurus Software for Bloggers
Thesaurus Software for Bloggers

It’s hundreds of times faster than other thesauruses and can even help you generate new ideas for blog posts on the fly.

The reason is, just by searching it and looking through the results, you can jog your memory with words and topics related to your niche that forgot about (or never knew existed).

It may sound simple, but don’t underestimate it.

New Gizmo Alleviates Blogger’s Block

Whatever you are writing about, you can just paste in entire sentences and get new ideas.

For example, you could just take an old blog post title, past it in, select the ‘Brainstorm’ setting and click ‘Go’.

It is split-second fast to show you all sorts of new ideas.

It may also provide SEO benefits.

The #2 fun way it helps is for keyword tagging.

You can quickly check off words or ‘select all’ and set the delimeter, and then paste into any field requiring keywords.

It might just help you grab traffic from new niches.

#3 Way ThesaurusGizmo makes writing fun?

There is a mobile app and it has a very choice hand picked selection of quotes from the best writers of all time.

Today you can look through thousands of pages just to find good advice on blogging – But you may be suprised to find that the best words of wisdom come from writers who were working on the craft before the internet was invented.

“Write what should not be forgotten.” ― Isabel Allende

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<your name here>



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