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“”For Content Creators and Copywriters alike, Thesaurus Gizmo is an essential tool for your writing toolbox. It will make your writing more enjoyable and your time more productive.”

– Mark Foster

New Warp Speed Thesaurus Delivers Synonyms, Words And Ideas Over 10X As Fast As The Regular MS Word Thesaurus & Online Thesaurus Websites

The Search Engine Is Already On Your Desktop!

(No Internet Connection Needed)

ThesaurusGizmo makes use of the Microsoft Language packs already on most PC’s so it can be used offline to search up to 10 words at a time, each word delivering up to 10x the synonyms and related words as regular thesauruses.

Introducing Thesaurus Gizmo – A Surprising Tool To Help You Write On Any Topic & Brainstorm Great Ideas…

ThesaurusGizmo – Taps Existing Digital Assets on Your Computer & Allows You To Get About 95% Usage Rather 5%.

It is a small app, about 8 megs that runs in the background and doesn’t slow your computer down at all.

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money.” – David Ogilvy

Recent studies show over 2.5 million new blog posts are added to the internet each day and 10’s of thousands of books published on Amazon / Kindle each month.

If you don’t devise an absolute standout title (and some great content) – Good luck winning the battles and the ‘War of Art’.

Don’t fear: Gizmowl and the ThesaurusGizmo give you the most advanced technology to assist your writing process.




“The program is tiny; you’ll not have problems to install it on your computer. You can write a phrase, and the program is going to give you several different options for the words that are part of your sentence.

You can pick and choose which words to use. This program is a translator too.

If you need help with certain words or you want differents options for your translation, this program is going to be perfect for you.

I liked this program, and I think that every content creation person should use it.” – Christian Amador

Synonym Thesaurus Lookups in A fraction of a second!

ThesaurusGizmo can also work with other installed language packs making it a premier multi-lingual thesaurus


  • Requires no internet connection!
  • 10x faster than online websites when searching multiple words
  • Multi-Lingual Thesaurus: Works with language packs you have installed on Windows PC
  • Easy sort features to find synonyms alphabetically or by length
  • Great for writing on any topic
  • Must have tool for translators: Find the perfect word quickly for complex translations
  • Outstanding software for kids and students learning languages
  • Useful for brainstorm ideas and original names.
  • Search up to 10 words at a time, get results 10x faster.
  • Convenience: Easy thesaurus check-box features for collecting synonyms and words
  • Explore related words visually
  • Bulk tools for business: Select delimiter for exporting synonyms (comma, tab etc..)
  • Rhyming words look-up (when connected to Internet) – Great for songwriters
  • Definition look-up (when connected to Internet)

And much more!

Ultra Fast: Sample of French Words Found in Under 3 Seconds:

  • Publishing books on Amazon
  • Great for students of all levels – Easy enough for a 3rd grader to use, advanced enough for the veteran copywriter
  • A must have for blogging – Helps generate new blog post ideas faster than any tool out there
  • YouTube Video Tagging – 5 Extra minutes with this software when uploading a video could 5x your views
  • Tweeting – Use the 20th century genius of headline writing to develop dazzling tweets that get more clicks
  • Craigslist Ads – Standout Real Estate and other ads using the brainstorming + headlines feature (Can at least double your response rates)
  • Coporate Branding & Taglines – Search the entire lexicon of lanuage in split seconds and find those word combinations that open doors
  • SEO – Select all and bulk synonyms export for optimization of web pages. Get found for more search terms
  • PPC – Save a fortune – Find obscure keywords with less competition
  • Translation – Translators love the multi-lingual features. Improves the quality of translations quickly and increases pay rate and client retention
  • Marketers – A genius tool for marketing – Helps think up domain names, brand names, slogans and more
  • Songwriters – Built in rhyming dictionary allows the fastest possible lookup and selection of rhyming words
  • Language students – An outstanding way to improve your vocabulary in any language. Learn related words quickly and see them in context.
  • Sort features – Find the shortest words for the pithiest sentences.
  • Entrepreneurs – A Fantastic all-purpose tool for building your business.
  • Non-Profits – Find the words and ideas to help with grant writing
  • And much more!

Works In French * German * Hebrew * Portuguese * Russian * Spanish * Italian *  & Other Languages

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is… the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” ~ Mark Twain

“You can’t wait for inspiration.  You have to go after it with a club.”  ~ Jack London

“The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas.”  ~ Linus Pauling

Raluca // July 20, 2015 at 2:32 pm //

I love love LOVE this software! It is simply perfect for anybody, writer or no writer, that has to write a project in Microsoft Word. I found it highly useful for academic essays, where the person writing the piece has to use a specific type of language. As one of my teachers puts it, “you can’t use ‘like’, ‘love’ or ‘means’ because this type of words have no business being in academic works”. I recommend this software to anybody looking to write an impressive piece of work. In the academic world, words can make or break your grade.


Ms. Sage // August 17, 2015 at 9:34 pm //

Just wanted to thank you for making such a fabulous product! As a writer, I have those moments where I struggle to find just the right word or phrase to express myself. This software is such a useful tool for anyone that needs to turn the perfect phrase. 🙂 Hope the Mac version comes out soon too. Thanks again!


Shabree Jemmott // August 17, 2015 at 1:35 pm //

I have been using ThesaurusGizmo  for a while now, in a short time it has become my single most important tool. In your brain there is a wealth of words, but after writing for six hours sometimes they tend to get lost. With ThesaurusGizmo  , you don’t have to worry when the words get lost in your head, this tool is amazing! I have used countless other apps to help me, but this is by far the best, being able to copy the word directly into my text is a great feature, I changed the font in Brainstorm to match the font that I am typing in so that makes everything uniformed when I paste my words in. The built in tools are awesome. I think this is a great program; the versatility of it never seems to end.


Kelly Knight // August 13, 2015 at 4:09 am //

I have been playing around with ThesaurusGizmo all day and I absolutely love it! I love to write children stories and I’m always trying to come up with different words for the same ol’ words I use all the time. I downloaded a thesaurus a while back but it just didn’t give me anything that I was looking for. This has given me so many options that I am really getting excited to start my next story! This program is such a great tool and so useful for so many different activities. It’s definitely worth downloading!


Annekto // August 12, 2015 at 4:39 pm //

A very useful thing for translators!

The app is VERY small but REALLY full of words. Though I would mention that not all the languages are the same nice and fulfilled, but having so many languages at one app at the same time is a doubtless advantage! Languages are easy to switch.

Sometimes it is so hard to find the right word to use in your own mother tongue, but in a foreign language it is even harder. In fact I used the app to write this comment too!

So i would recommend this tool to everybody whose job or hobbies are connected to writing and translating.


Karen of MrsLookingGood // August 11, 2015 at 2:19 am //

Every time I write a post for my blog, I guarantee you that I’ll open a browser and Google for the synonym of (insert word here). I do this repeatedly because similar to everybody’s experiences, I often end up using the same words and I’d like to be able to express myself in various ways.

This is now one of my top blogger tools to use. One should always keep this open while composing your next post. Another reason love this program for the reason that I don’t even have to be online and still be able to access it.

As I use several machines/devices at home, I would love to see a MAC version in the near future Jesse.


Petros Adalialis // August 10, 2015 at 9:05 am //

This is an amazing service, without doubt the best software in this area! The Brainstrorm software provides features that the other regular thesauruses lack. It’s so convenient and user friendly that there is no comparison with other thesauruses! Brainstorm Pro provides a huge variety of features in an easy-to-use program, and for someone who is constantly writing could be very important.

This could be an amazing help in my native language, Greek. It could be a big help to all writers!!